Not sure about the process of your home project?  Set yourself up for success with our “Home for Life” seminar!

From planning to buying, we want to hold your hand every step of the way. Our “Home for Life” seminar will show you the entire home project process, putting any worries you might have about unknowns to rest. You’ll learn all about what goes into building a new custom home or renovating your current home.

Since 1994, over 5,000 homeowners have attended our educational “Home for Life” seminar. They gained confidence, got straight facts and were empowered by knowledge that helped them make informed decisions.

The “Home for Life” seminar will start you on the right track with valuable information on the best steps to take for a successful home construction project. Topics include:

  • How to start
  • How to set your budget
  • How to select a contractor
  • How to balance your design with your budget
  • How to design a home for life

Register for the next seminar by calling 808-593-2808 or email us. We would love to hear from you!

Our seminars are presented at the Honolulu Country Club in Salt Lake.



Seminar Registration

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