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A home construction project is not an everyday event. The uncertainty of what to do can make the process seem intimidating. With more than 27 years of design and build experience, Graham Builders provides you with tools for success including:

  • How-to Seminars – Prepare yourself with valuable information on home construction so that you can make good, informed decisions.
  • Personal In-house Designer – Feel confident with your custom design team including your personal Graham Builders architectural designer, project coordinator and estimator.
  • Experienced Project Managers – Know that your home is being built under the close supervision of a construction manager with decades of project experience.
  • Written Warranty – Your home will live well past the day you move in and having a written warranty and maintenance book will keep your home in top shape.
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  • Where to start
  • What you’ll need for success
  • How to avoid common construction pitfalls

Childhood home in Moanalua Valley

Manoa multigenerational home

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