You’ve made up your mind and are committed to starting your home construction project. Congratulations! And because you’ve attended the Home for Life seminar, you know that design+build is the ideal method to balance your budget and desires.  

The next step is to determine how to achieve the best results while balancing planning time and your busy schedule. Allow the Graham Builders’ team to be your guide and you will remove the confusion and stress that often accompanies the design process. Experts will navigate you through thick information manuals and simplify the confusing procedures associated with renovating or constructing a new home. You’ll find everything necessary – from roofing materials to flooring and even toilets – within our meeting rooms.

Talented designers and craftsmen will allow you to achieve your vision at a cost that you can afford. By working with Graham Builders, you can be confident that you will successfully design and build a home that will be enjoyed for generations. Allow us to pilot your project and your home for life will soon be a reality.


Step 1: Home for Life seminar

Step 2: Free project evaluation

Step 3: Conceptual design

Step 4: Preliminary budget check

Step 5: Design development

Step 6: Construction documents

Step 7: Acquire permits

Step 8: Build!

Step 9: Warranty


We consider our staff at Graham Builders family. Likewise, working closely with homeowners allows us to build more relationships over time. Every member of the project team at GBI plays a pivotal role in contributing to the successful outcome of every project.

Administration and Marketing

Our administrative and marketing staff ensures that the company is a stable, well-oiled, working machine. They ensure the company’s time-tested reliability, organization and ethical standards. Furthermore, they’re present to ensure homeowner satisfaction from beginning to end of the design-build process.

Project Coordinators

Project coordinators have a fundamental understanding of the design and construction process. They guide the homeowner through the entire process by directly interfacing with them, keeping organized schedules, offering design solutions and demystifying any confusion.

Project Managers

Project managers organize, execute and deliver the finished renovation or new construction product. They’re responsible for accomplishing the stated objectives of the homeowner while balancing time, cost and quality.


Our designers are skilled, 3D modelers and draftspersons, and they also possess rendering and graphic design skills. Designers help translate homeowners’ lifestyles into architectural form and function, while finding innovative, efficient solutions to budgetary and programmatic requirements.


Our estimator is skilled at forecasting the cost, size and duration of any project by analyzing drawings, site location, materials, labor and other special project requirements. Having an experienced estimator helps GBI and homeowners to work within budgetary constraints.


GBI principals carry with them years of experience. Principals work closely with the entire project team throughout the design and construction process, ensuring a quality home and excellent service for the homeowner.


Advancements in technology continue to move at a faster and faster pace. Graham Builders utilizes the power of up-to-date programs to aid homeowners in project realization. These techniques streamline time, cost and comprehension.


Revit is a 3D modeling program that intuitively and efficiently allows for changes in design and layout.


AutoCAD is the benchmark 2D drafting program and one of the pioneers in computer-aided design.

Environmental Simulations

Environmental simulations, such as solar, daylighting, heat gain studies, carbon computing and cost savings analysis help designers to create the most efficient home in its particular microclimate.


Photorealistic renderings and animations allow you to visualize your renovation or new home in striking detail, with material, landscaping and solar simulations.


Graham Builders is able to direct some of the project processes through telecommuting with homeowners and staff, cutting down the time and cost of transportation.


The Graham Builders system has recently been updated. All files are backed up daily, and archived work is stored both on and offsite, providing stability and security for past and present projects.

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