Awesome warranty program and customer service!

I want to thank Graham Builders for their help in replacing our flooring.

It was a huge job to pack and move our furniture, especially dismantling our built in desks and cabinets then putting them back together, but it was worth it. The floor looks great!

I want to extend a special Mahalo to Renee for being our advocate and keeping our inquiry alive and moving forward. You are a true role model for excellent customer service. Thanks so much for your responsiveness, support and care.

Thanks also, Faith, for answering all our questions and coordinating the details with In Line. The In Line installers were great to work with and completed the job as scheduled.

Please share my gratitude with those involved in making the decision to replace our flooring. I appreciate their integrity and for making our home a place we can once again be proud to share with our family and friends.

Lisa and Glenn M.
Neat & Clean Jobsite

After checking out a number of design-build contractors, I decided to go with Graham Builders after attending one of their great informational seminars and seeing their completed projects, and I’m glad I did! They were professional, knowledgeable, easy to work with, had great design ideas, addressed all of my concerns, and built a house for me that I am proud of and get many compliments on. I was always welcome to the job site and the workers answered whatever questions that I had (they also left the job site neat and clean at the end of each day, which to me is an indication of the pride they take in their work). They can attest that I was a very picky homeowner and asked for a lot of changes, yet Graham was wonderful at keeping me within budget and offering alternative solutions that made me happy. I would definitely use Graham Builders again and recommend them to family and friends!

Diane I.
A Home That Speaks Volumes

We’re coming up on 1 year since our renovation project was finalized by Graham Builders, and we couldn’t be happier with the finished product and grateful for the remarkable space my family & I now enjoy. They say pictures speak louder than words, and in our case the finished product, our completed home, speaks volumes.

As with any major project or endeavor in life, there are highs and lows, and our renovation was no different; but what allowed us to achieve our goal was a contractor willing to remain professional, work through the issues, and go the extra mile when needed. Graham Builders was that company and we highly recommend them – and if you question our sincerity, you’re more than welcomed to come visit our home and see what they accomplished.

I think it’s important for homeowners to understand and to realize that as with any major investment in life, where a great deal of money & emotions are involved, whether it be your retirement investment, your kids care & education, or constructing a new home, you need to be educated, and need to stay connected and involved. And like your retirement fund, or your kids development, if you choose to go in blind, take a hands-off approach, and expect others to work miracles or read your mind, you’re bound for disappointment and frustration. Make no mistake it is a team effort, and something Graham Builders conveyed, allowed and ensured we participated in every step of the way.

James T. & family
Build A Dream Home

Prior to construction of my new home, I went to several building contractors to get cost estimates and information on building a new home. I needed to start from the ground up to completion. What I wanted was a design plan, cost to build, flexibility in the actual construction with minimum cost to me, and a good working relationship between me and the builder.

After attending your “Build A Dream Home” seminar, I was totally convinced that Graham Builders had met and exceeded my criteria for a building contractor. I would, without hesitation, recommend anyone with little or no knowledge of building a new home, to attend one of your seminars, before attempting to build or remodel. Working with a reputable contractor is a top priority.

Needless to say, thanks to your building expertise and your professionalism, my family and I have been enjoying our Dream Home for about six months now. We are totally enjoying every minute of it. Customer satisfaction is a great asset for anyone doing business today. Keep up the good work Graham Builders.

Sakuma Family
A Caring Company

You have really been there for our family! From the time we met you at the Neal Blaisdell Center ’till now. You greeted us with warmth and sincerity. You showed us the process for our plans and how to finance our project.

Evan provided us with ideas of how to accomplish our dreams on what we could afford. Jay held our hands through the jungle of permits and paperwork. Nathan and his crew worked diligently, professionally and carefully helping us to have our home. When we tell people we only had to wait four months to have our home built, they are all amazed.

The design has been wonderful. With our family next door, we were able to preserve our common area. Everyone who comes into our home for the first time (without exception) always says, “This home has a wonderful feeling!” With a large extended family, our gatherings cause us to be in the kitchen cooking and entertaining at the same time. But through your design we can cook and yet still be able to converse and be a part of the family while they are in the living room and dining room.

The room that is the farthest in the back of the house has been perfect for “Grandma’s room.” It is spacious enough that they can move around easily. They can “get away” from the rest of the busy house for a quiet rest (others have been known to escape there too!!). The bathroom is close and convenient with easy access, safety hand rails, and easy access to the large shower.

Without your help on financial planning, recent refinancing and quality work, we would not be enjoying our home as much as we do. We appreciate all of your care and hope other families will benefit from Graham Builders professional but caring company. Thank you again for all that you have done.

Rudy & Celeste A.
Easy To Work With

Our experience with Graham Builders from start to finish was outstanding. Every individual we encountered was professional and helpful!

We wanted to build out from our current house, but had no clue how to do it. We ended up going to Graham Builders’ free informational seminar where they walked us through the whole process including financing and what to look for when choosing a builder. The presentation was very professional and very easy to understand. The best part? We never felt any sales pressure. We were so impressed that we decided to set up a meeting to discuss our idea of what we wanted to do with our house.

After they walked us through the expectations and timeline, we got to the fun part of developing wish lists. We had thought this would have been the easy part. However, it was actually very overwhelming. Good thing Jenny, Ryan and Keith were there every step of the planning process to give their expert advice as well as listen to our needs. The architecture team came up with a stunning rendition of the ideas we talked about and we knew that this is what we wanted. There was a point in the process where we were scared of going over budget. However, they were able to give us some alternate recommendations that didn’t sacrifice the feel of what we wanted for the house.

With that phase completed, the construction phase started and we were in constant contact with the project manager. He was always accessible and easy to work with. Before you know it, our plans were becoming reality right before our eyes.

Working with Graham Builders removed a great deal of the headaches from the building process and the enthusiasm and support we received carried us through tough parts. We would use them again and certainly recommend them to our friends and family.

Eric I. & family
Outstanding Job!

Outstanding job on our extension!!

They walked me through the entire process and gave me timelines on what was coming next. They actually finished my extension ahead of schedule.

Very satisfied and I will definitely use and recommend Graham Builders in the future!!

Chad K. & family
Peace of Mind

Our experience with Graham Builders was positive starting from the free informational seminar to the final walk-through and open house. We were all novices at this and were certainly overwhelmed from time to time as the planning process unfolded, but the professionals at Graham Builders were patient with our endless questions and concerns, realistic about budget constraints, and helpful in all the decisions required. The office liaison, the project managers and architect were all easily accessible and communication was always clear and timely. We were given a timeline for completion and were kept informed of each step; very reassuring as we watched our house take shape.

The seminar was an important first step for us; we really had very little idea about where to start and the seminar covered everything from financing to what to look for when choosing a builder. Even though Graham Builders sponsored the evening, it was not a high pressure sales pitch; it was truly informative and helpful. That seminar led us to the next step of meeting with a liaison at Graham builders who gave us individualized guidance for our particular needs and helped us develop a wish list to start on plans.

The process was a good education in understanding current construction costs and working within the Hawaii market (for example, using local suppliers for cabinetry) and when Graham Builders had the ability to substitute granite counter tops for our original solid surface for the same amount of money, they gave us that option.

Getting the most for one’s money is everyone’s goal but ultimately what you really want is a top quality home at the best price. The seminar had talked about how everyone has suggestions for building…someone’s uncle does this or they have a good friend that can do that…however the nightmare stories about shoddy work and unfinished projects abound. The true value in using Graham Builders was the peace of mind and trust in the work being done. I don’t think you can put a price tag on that.

We have been in the house for nearly three years now and continue to be very happy with the quality of workmanship. Working with Graham Builders took a great deal of the headaches out of the building process and the enthusiasm and support we received carried us through. We would use them again and certainly recommend them whole-heartedly.”

Kathie T. & family
Graham Builders

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